Here it is! Poland’s first method for learning how to play ukulele!

A new book by Krzysztof Blas is available in stores. This time it is a method for ukulele. The title of the release is: “Ukulele for everyone.”

This is the first book in Polish on how to play this instrument! The author slowly takes the reader from the basics to advanced techniques.



New DVD and Elixir strings set!

Thanks to the cooperation with Music Publishing Company ABSONIC and Firma Muzyczna (a new Polish distributor of Elixir Strings) a promotional set for guitarists will reach music stores in Poland :



New DVD method “How to play consciously?” in stores now!

A new product appeared under an intriguing title – “How to play consciously?” and was released as a double DVD (over 200 minutes), accompanied by a practice booklet.

“How to play consciously?” is a completely different, ground-breaking approach to improve


Krzysztof Blas, the new endorser of Elixir Strings!

Why Elixir Strings? – Because they are the best! They stay fresh for a much longer long time than other strings and that is why Krzysztof Blas puts them on all of his instruments, joining a big international group of


Kamil Skwara – The bass guitar method – part 3!

The Absonic publishing presents a new book by Kamil Skwara. The book is a continuation of two previous ones, where the fundamentals of playing the bass guitar have been presented along with practical use of musical scales. The material contained


Krzysztof Blas – new endorser Hesu & V-PICKS!

Krzysztof Błaś joined the official group of handmade V-PICKS picks users ( A Medium P. is the pick model that he uses. Hesu company is the V-Picks official distributor in Poland ( Krzysztof has also become an endorser of excellent


The Guitar Wars 2011 now on sale!

Another Guitar Wars series method for guitarists hit the shops recently.

The latest Guitar Wars edition was published in 2011 in three forms – as a book with notes and tabs supplemented by two CDs, as two CDs box (audio


Krzysztof Blas writes for TOP GUITAR magazine!

After six years of successful cooperation Krzysztof Blas finished his work for the Guitarist Magazine. From now on his articles can be read in TOP GUITAR , TOP BASS and TOP STUDIO magazines.