New DVD method “How to play consciously?” in stores now!

A new product appeared under an intriguing title – “How to play consciously?” and was released as a double DVD (over 200 minutes), accompanied by a practice booklet.

“How to play consciously?” is a completely different, ground-breaking approach to improve the guitar playing. It is not just a method that simply teaches scales, rules of harmony and theory. Careful, workshop-style presented material allows you to discover the secrets of “hearing the neck” and conscious improvisation, even without the knowledge of patterns of scales (!). The completely conscious control of the instrument lets playing everything you imagine in your head easy. This is a METHOD FOR GUITARISTS – especially those, who are lost in the jungle of orders of “musical math.” It allows you to get out of the established routines and make the last step in the direction of the final mastering of guitar art!

“How to play consciously?” is a method that is absolutely unique in the way it improves the guitar playing – it places the emphasis on training and development of hearing and sense of rhythm, showing the practical applications of improvisation. CONSCIOUS playing is the final stage of mastering an instrument that is sought after by every musician. Its secret is now at your fingertips!

The method is available in good music stores across the country, Empik networks, Media-Markt, Saturn and on the,,!

Watch the trailer:

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Buy consciously!!!!

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