dreams“Dreams” is the first, long-awaited, acclaimed guitarist’s album, educator, and author of best-selling school playing the guitar (“Guitar challenges”, “No Secrets”) – Krzysztof Blas.

The musician decided after years of collaboration with the leading Polish artists treat listeners to a journey through almost all musical styles.

“Dreams” is an album unique – combining virtuoso guitar performances with richness and harmony of colors of many of the original instruments. Traditional acoustic sounds are interspersed with modern, have been extracted using a guitar synthesizer. Despite the use of many electronic color (all extracted using MIDI guitar) author placed on the naturalness and realism – therefore the recordings were not using any programmable sequencers, keyboards or drum machines.

The album can be heard array of excellent musicians:

Grzegorz Sulikowski – drums
Kamil Skwara – bass
Andrzej Stagraczynski – bass
Lukasz Bryla – piano, Hammond
Piotr Florczyk – double bass

“Dreams” is a treat not only for lovers of guitar sounds, but also for those who desire a while to break away from the surrounding world, going along with the author on a journey through unexplored lands …

The album included under the auspices of the biggest music magazines – Magazyn Gitarzysta, Top Guitar, and internet portals – gitara.pl, fabrykazespolow.pl, wojnygitarowe.pl, e-gitara.net.pl, e-muzyk.net.pl . Cooperation also took the company Höfner, Laboga, T. Burton oraz Taylor.



  1. Dream 1 – Another World
  2. Dream 2 – Spanish
  3. Dream 3 – Behind The Wall
  4. Dream 4 – Endless Love
  5. Dream 5 – Sahara
  6. Dream 6 – Life Suite
  7. Dream 7 – Secret World
  8. Dream 8 – Time After
  9. Dream 9 – Last Dance

” …it is worthwhile to deal with this CD, it is worthwhile to look at the guy for whom the guitar has become a whole life, to look at it his emotions, it is worth to focus and hear the story told to the pain of appropriate sounds. I would recommend.”

Paweł Boron (www.fabrykazespolow.pl) / read full review (polish)

This is an album for those who are in music are looking for something more than the simple rhythm of drums and easy to sing the chorus. (…) But this is not an album from the series “I’ll show what I can do,” perhaps five years working on this album created a distance his music composition. And it was heard – it is more important for the author of an interesting sounds and binding than checking identity documents to technical skills. And this is called maturity.”

Rafał Zielinski (Gazeta Wyborcza) / read full review (polish)

The compositions are very diverse, we find for the bravura performances of rock, jazz songs saturated atmosphere and harmony, landscapes ballads, themes based on exotic scales. () This is an original album, full of life and joy of creating beautiful sounds in the group of close associates. A must have for students and fans of Krzysztof ambitious guitar playing, but also an excellent choice for anyone who wants to tens of minutes to sail in a colorful musical space and discover something new.”

Wojciech Wytrazek (Magazyn Gitarzysta) / read full rewiev (polish)

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Muzyczne ABSONIC.
Distribution: Fonografika

Wydawnictwo Muzyczne ABSONIC
tel. (71)-336-73-10
e-mail: absonic@absonic.pl

“DREAMS” will be avaible from 23.11.2009 in stores:



in Poland and at:  www.absonic.pl , www.fonografika.pl. You can buy directly HERE

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