Krzysztof Blas uses an amplifying system for acoustic guitars made by Analog Sound !

Krzysztof Blas has joined the group of satisfied users of an excellent amplifying system for acoustic guitars, made by a polish Analog Sound company.

Analog Sound is a young polish company, whose excellent amplifying systems for acoustic as well as classic guitars gather appreciation from leading polish guitarists and luthiers. After a set of comprehensive comparison tests of Analog Sound product with other leading brands Krzysztof for his guitar has chosen the flagship Analog Sound E10V system. It is a system based on a ceramic piezo transducer matched to an unique active electronic preamp built into a strap button jack socket. The system is equipped with additional volume control mounted inside the guitar soundhole.

Here are some Krzysztof’s remarks about the system:

„I compared the Analog Sound E10V unit with B.Band A5, LR Baggs I-Beam, LR Baggs Element , and Taylor ES System. I recorded some sound samples to compare the sound quality of each system at the same output volume, with all the EQ controls at 0 level. To be honest: Analog Sound unit sounds excellent. It is a piezo system – and its piezo sound characteristic will be always recognised, but… it sounds more natural than some systems tested, that are based on different complex design to produce more natural than piezo only sound. First of all, the E10V gives the strongest output signal among the system tested, with the lowest noise level. It has a beautiful frequency characteristic – with natural mids and warm highs. A full, strong sound with an ideal string balance. I think it is one of the best amplifying systems that I owned. It is comparable to LR Baggs Element – of the same class but with warmer, more natural sound. As the system uses an undersaddle transducer as its signal source, it changes the instrument acoustic properties slightly. In my guitar it pushed its sound characteristic from bright side toward darker, fuller sound with stronger mids, whose this instrument lacked so far. To sum up – congratulations, it is an excellent system that can be recommended without any doubts. Perfect manufacturing and the sound that leaves behind some more complex systems! I used most of the amplifying electronic available on the market and despite the fact that I ex-definitio think of a piezo amplifying solution as a worst one , I must agree, that Analog Sound E10 is simply excellent. I became a devotee of the company and I wish all the best in further developing of the Analog Sound brand!”

Here are some sound samples recorded without any postmastering in the Blue Records studio: