EGOguitar introduced Krzysztof Blas signature model !

The Italian company Marconi Lab, the manufacturer of innovative EGO guitar has released Krzysztof Blas signature model! It can now be purchased directly from the company.

Krzysztof Blas about his guitar:

“The design is based on MY ALT model, but has several significant changes. These are: one millimeter thinner than regular fretboard, lower and narrower frets (6100), glowing in the night Luminlay side markers and a built-in N-Tune. The active onboard electronics allows smooth volume control of both Thunder and Lace pickups as well as their mix and enables disconnecting of the Lace pickup coils. There is also an additionally mounted device called Tremol-No that locks the bridge in split of the second. The EGO is entirely made in Italy as well as the innovativel bridge. The guitar has alder body, maple neck and polished to a high gloss ebony fingerboard . Unique, offset connected neck gives you incredible easy access to the higher frets. The guitar pickguard is made of genuine carbon fiber. The electronics chamber and the armrest are detachable – you can buy them separately, made of differenf kind of woods, with different finishes and different electronics arrangement and replace them by yourself

Bridge pickup is Lace Alumitone Deathbucker. At the neck there is a total new product of this US company called A Little Thunder. This pickup acts like a normal PAF but has a built-in battery (USB charged) that powers the … octaver. The octaver could be applied to two or three bass strings only, depending of the choice – shifting their pitch one or two octaves down – at full polyphony. Thanks to the active electronics the output signal can be sent via a single cable to an amplifier or with a stereo cable to two amplifiers (the signal from the pickups and octaver separately). The guitar is small and lightweight (approx. 2 kg) and has a very detailed sound characteristic. Fast fretboard and unique low strings action makes it the most comfortable instrumentr I played on so far …”

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Interview with Krzysztof about his EGO guitar (in Polish) :,wywiad-krzysztof-blas

You can buy this guitar directly here :