Krzysztof Blas has become the user of innovative EVOLUTION AMPS Amber 40 amplifier

Krzysztof Blas uses innovative Evolution Amps on stage and in the studio – the set consisting of Amber 40 amplifier and 2x12Diagonal cabinet.

Compared to the standard version, the cabinet made for Krzysztof has a detachable part of the back wall, so it can work as an open or closed box. In addition to this modification, the set that Krzysztof uses has a full factory configuration.

The Amber 40 amplifier is a design based on the original VASA technology – with mosfet transistors working like an electronic tubes – in a push-pull system. The power amp has a built in speaker transformer, and two- channel preamp that enables up to 6 operation modes (for each channel) with different compression and power input level. All this means that the amplifier performs like a tube circuitry, while weighing 7kg only.

Cabinet 2 x 12 is equipped with two Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.

Krzysztof Blas is the author of the official audio samples presented on Evolution Amps website. The samples were recorded in his Blue Records studio.