“Guitar Challenges”

“Guitar Challenges” is a multimedia school on 2 DVDs. In more than 4 hours the material is contained vast amount of information necessary for any guitarist. From the beginning guitar for people starting their adventure with the instrument through techniques right and left hand, to advanced issues related to the scales and harmony – as a comprehensive school guitar yet it was not! This is not all.


In a separate chapter you will learn how to choose the right instrument, how to make basic adjustments yourself, and see what so far for mere mortals remained invisible! Shot with multiple cameras provide unparalleled comfort science. In many of the most important moments of yourself you will be able to select the camera whose image you want to watch. All issues are discussed in a clear and transparent manner, a series of exercises and demonstrations will easily master the material. Despite the fact that the school is designed for acoustic guitar, versatility of the material makes it equally benefit from the fans of electric guitars.

After seeing this compendium of knowledge, the guitar will no longer have any secrets for you!

Produced by: Gold Records and Animedia.

Jurek Styczyński

“In this school Krzysztof Blas shares his knowledge about the guitar in a very simple and proven way. Starts from scratch and not playing in unnecessary detail goes into specifics. Doing it professionally going in the next chapters to more difficult items.I’m sure that holders of this material will improve their skills so that after a short time – of course, practicing intensely, respectively – have reached a good enough level to play in bands and as a soloist. would recommend to everyone. “

Krzysztof Misiak

“The school provides basic and necessary knowledge aimed at the beginner and intermediate guitar enthusiasts. Recent chapters should definitely see those who do not yet have an instrument and want to have them. We have a very valuable tips and information about taking choice and return Due to the relevant factors when buying a guitar. Equally valuable are the issues related to the play technic, the rules of music and approach to music. entering into possession of the learning material will not have to pry open the door a long time, probably will save you time and energy. “

Mietek Jurecki

“I would recommend this item not only for amateurs playing the acoustic guitar, but also my fellow professionals. Valuable tips on buying a guitar, the details of its construction and maintenance, as well as basic ways to adapt the instrument to the needs of the music presented in a logical and accessible way. Interestingly explained basics of the game acoustic guitar with a choice of techniques and how to use them. interesting covers basics of improvisation. Congratulations! “

School available in stores across the country of Poland.